Symphonic Orchestra Flash Mob - Dvorak

This is me and my cello, Bertha.  This photo shoot was miserably cold.

Oh look, it’s that recital I was talking about!

My friend took this picture while we were trying to get a good photo for a recital poster for my two other friends and me!

Do orchestra conductors count?

do conducting batons count? 

admin note: of course they do!

I don’t have any recent pictures of me with my cellos, but I did trick out their cases this summer. ^_^

Bass in the pit (I can’t remember if this was Pirates of Penzance or Beauty and the Beast)!

my favorite candid shot (taken at Carnegie Hall!)

me and my bass, luna

Gotta represent the Violas

Sad practise room selfie at music camp in Germany…

this summer practice session was so rare that i needed to document it to prove it was real