Hi! My name is Andrea and I've been playing the piano since I was four. I love your blog so much! I've been playing the flute since I was ten and I just started the saxophone a few months ago. I played the violin a while ago but I quit. I really want to play again but I can't afford it. I also played the guitar but I quit. I wish I can play every instrument ever cause I really want to be a band teacher when I get older. I absolutely love Beethoven and I like basically every genre of music.

hey andrea :)

I was wondering if you knew of any arts camps other than interlochen? my name is Dylan and my primary is cello with a secondary of bassoon and I am going to college for music so I would like to do some camps before I get off to college. I love Shostakovich and Stravinsky.

hey dylan!

no, i don’t know about art camps at all D:


OH! And my favorite composer is Mozart. God, I love him so much.
Hi there!!! My name is April and I play many things, haha. Though, my primary instrument is Bassoon. I'm a Music and Psychology double major and minoring in Music Education!! Fun fact: I have never been in Orchestra but I have played in concert band literally my entire life. Starting off on clarinet in elementary school, and working my way through school on Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, and French Horn!! I want to go into Music Therapy with my degrees :). And probably teach privately! PS I'm also sing

hi april!

Hello~my name is Maria and i play the violin,and piano! But violin will always be my no.1. I have played for 6 years and are in my H.S orchestra as well as a youth symphony group! Principal chair. And junior conductor! I really like Tchaikovsky :)

hi maria! :)

hi I'm jack and I have been playing bagpipes for four years now. I'm okay at it, I've always placed in every competition I've entered. I'm trying to learn clarinet so I can join youth orchestra. I can kind of play a bunch of other instruments and yea

hey hey jack!

dude, bagpipes though? AWESOME.

Hello! My Name is Radek. I'm a senior in high school and I play violin, piano and do composition. My favorite composer is a tie between Dvorak and Barber. I've always wanted to play violin since I was a little guy and in 5th grade I finally got the chance. Now I'm in my area Youth Symphony, I'm going to be concertmaster of my tiny school orchestra and I have a wonderful teacher. I'm going to school for composition and piano performance so hopefully my audition goes well.

hi radek! good luck! :D

Hi! I'm Anthony. I just finished my BMus at UWindsor in Canada on classical trumpet performance and composition. I was also a research assistant for a group called the Noiseborder Ensemble. We create multimedia performances showcasing the links between music and visuals and interactivity. Now I work as a freelance studio musician, recording engineer, and new media designer.

hi anthony!

whoa, that’s some cool stuff you’ve been doing there! :o

Hey! I'm Zach and I'm a Canadian going into my first year of music education in university, which I am super excited about. I play mostly bassoon and saxophone and little bit of flute on the side. I got in orchestra because they wind coach of my youth orchestra asked me if I was interested in playing in it. My favourite composer would prob be Taffanel because of his wind quintet stuff.

ooooooooooooooooo canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lol, hey zach B)

Hello!! I'm Caity, I've been playing clarinet for almost 8 years (I'm not nearly good enough for how long I've been playing). My highschool's band program was awful but I did make it into youth orchestra my grade 12 year and it was super fun! I'm not as familiar with classical music as I'd like to be but so far Dvorak is my favourite composer! :)

hi caity! :)

Hi! I'm Amy. I play the piano and violin/viola, but prefer the piano. When I was in 5th grade, I loved the sound of strings in orchestrated music. I wanted to produce the same sort of sound so I joined orchestra in 6th grade. I quit once I started 10th grade and haven't had the time to start up again. I currently study civil engineering in college, so music is more of a side hobby for me. My favorite composers (I couldn't choose between the two) are Joe Hisaishi and Debussy.

hey amy!

ohhhhh my. don’t even get me STARTED on hisaishi! i am a hardcore lover of studio ghibli films and the music just makes me meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelt

Hello, I play double bass but I had to return my precious rental bass a few days ago as I'm moving to Scotland in two weeks. I had it over 4 years and we had great fun together and it was really sad to let her go. I am going to study architecture but I would really like to continue playing in orchestra, though I'am not sure where I will found a new bass. Also, I love this blog! :)

thanks! :)

Hey! My name is Michael. I started playing piano when I was four, and I like to think I still play kinda decently. In sixth grade I picked up the trumpet in band, which was a small tragedy, so in eighth grade, I switched to clarinet. That was about seven years ago, and now I'm starting my third year as clarinet performance major at Virginia Commonwealth University. I wouldn't say I have one favorite composer, but you can't go wrong with Shostakovich.

hey michael!

and i’m going to go there and say i guess your ego wasn’t big enough for you to be a trumpet :P

Hey, I'm Shannon. I play the bass (but I'm seriously not even 5') and I started in sixth grade when I was ten. Started on violin when I was five though. My parents got me into violin and I was in my first orchestra when I was eight, which is what exposed me to bass and made it my goal to play that instead. My favorite composer is Shostakovich, and I'm planning on majoring in bass performance. :)

hey hey shannon!

i have a friend who’s name is shannon and she plays the bass too :o

Hii I'm Chiara, 17, I'm from Italy but I'm currently studying in England. I play the violin (high five!) since I was 10 (started at Conservatoire in Italy, now I'm only having private lessons for the Grade 8 exam and I'm in the school orchestra/string ensemble etc). I'm about to start my last year of high school, and I'm doing Music HL for my International Baccalaureate. I love music but I don't know whether to continue with Music at uni, I know I won't give up playing anyway. What do you think?

i mean it sounds like you’ve put in a LOT of work towards studying music already so why not continue? of course, i’ll always tell you do do whatever you feel your heart wants, so long as you are happy :)