The Philharmonic wraps up another wonderful residency at @bravovail. Resident funny guy and conductor extraordinaire Bramwell Tovey gives us one more cue for the road.

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or you can name it after something memorable that happened the day you got it.
I got a new viola for high school asdfghjkl; But it needs a name. Help? (:

hm. well i named mine gloria in high school but only because she loved playing gloria. i personally hated the song but gloria, for some reason, loved it. her tone got sweeter, the bow control was easier…

i don’t know. for me i have to kind of feel the instrument before i can name them.

followers, suggestions? :)


These five lines are called a staff, and a staff operates on two axes: up and down and left to right. The up-and-down axis tells the performer the pitch of the note or what note to play, and the left-to-right axis tells the performer the rhythm of the note or when to play it.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How to read music - Tim Hansen

Animation by Thomas Parrinello

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Sea Sorceress Bracelet made by blackestrose13 on Etsy


Ah yes, the flute



Double bass building?

see this building is very friendly, always greeting others with a cello.

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Almost all of music theory can be explained by one simple circle, the Circle of Fifths shows the relationship between math and music, between ratios and harmony

Mind = Blown

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When our band director was in high school he didn’t know what tacet meant. He plays percussion so he assumed that it must be some sort of instrument. He went up to his director and asked him where the tacet was. Being the nice guy that he was, his director told him that he thinks he saw it in the closet. He spent three class periods looking for it before his director came in and told him that there is no such instrument and that tacet means not to play.

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When you’re sightreading a piece and suddenly it gets 10x harder


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10 of the 12 pieces I made for my 11th grade AP art concentration.

I miss making music. And realism and teaching myself and making whatever I want whenever I like…

That is all.

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